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Eden Project Plan For Crystal Palace Park

As a plant person and a Palace fan a story entitled Eden Project Plan For Crystal Palace Park would appear to have dual appeal.

But why do I find myself checking the date in the diary? I thought spoof articles only went out on 1 April, not Friday 13th? To be honest I’m a bit lost for words, so read it for yourselves and see what you think….

It’s a weird league

I resisted, but I knew in all honesty it wouldn’t be long before I felt I had to say something about Palace.

Two good wins against Brighton and Coventry and we had pulled ourselves back up to 6th. With two games in hand potentially we could have gone 3rd.

Then we lose in dreadful fashion at Luton, and last night we’re knocked out of the Carling Cup (no bad thing if you ask me).

And now we find ourselves in 9th (if we win our two games in hand it’s up to 5th spot at best), a whopping 16 points off second place, which is actually a bigger gap than we are off bottom spot (14 points).
It’s a weird league.