now you see it, now you don’t

Cycling in to work on Monday morning I was struck by lots of new graffiti on the lock gate by Elthorne Park, so much so that I took a few pictures. Cycling home later that day I got an even greater shock – someone (I assume from British Waterways) had already been along and painted it over. How’s that for efficiency!


You can see more pictures of the canal in the Hanwell & surrounds gallery

Autumn Colours

Autumn has arrived, and after a couple of glorious days (when these shots were taken) it’s now wet and windy. So, great time to start a regular photoblog!

I find these three images interesting – the first one doesn’t look great in the thumbnail, but is much better when enlarged. The third one shows the pitfalls of using a generic Photoshop action to resize Raw image files for uploading, with the colours going very flat compared to the original.

See more autumn pictures….

London Photobloggers

As I try to discover more about photoblogging I come across more and more interesting sites, but I always find that a good starting point is

Check out some of the contributor’s sites in the links section on the right, ranging from the aptly named 1095 Naughty James (don’t go there if easily offended – nothing to do with me I must add), to some sites of stunning ‘classic’ photography such as Alastair Robinson’s Cracked Lens

One of my favourite sites used to be The Big Smoker, a blog about life in London. A year go it was changed to, and though I don’t think it’s as good in some respects now it has gone ‘mainstream’, it’s still a good read.

127They’ve recently run a nice review of the new exhibit in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern (by Rachel Whiteread), which I’ll have to go to. Haven’t been there since the fantastic Weather exhibit (see left) ended a couple of years ago.

Mainly just a place to test things out