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Time to get this blog active again

The whole point about this site, and especially this blog, was to be a playground, a digital laboratory full of mysterious experiments. Well, I’ve still been playing, I just haven’t been very good at writing down what I’ve been up to. But starting today I’m going to try to redress that, and also go back over the last couple of years and document some of the more notable things I’ve been fiddling with.

Here goes …

OpenCalais tagging service and WordPress plugins

I’ve just installed two WordPress Plugins to test out automated tagging systems. I’m also really interested in automated geotagging, but not sure if that’s available. For example, if I say that this post is about London, does it add lat long tags? Could these be used to create a map?

These are the two plugins:

The autotagger suggested the following for this post (before I entered this sentence of course):

World Wide Web
PHP programming language
Blog software
Content management systems
Geographic information systems
Web 2.0
London,Greater London,United Kingdom
automated tagging systems
I had already added: OpenCalais, tags, tagger, automatic

Where in the world? Part II

I have been spending what spare time I can get trying to upgrade and enhance the map features in the new Where in the world? section.

There’s now a map of post locations (i.e. the locations mentioned in the posts, not which computer I was sitting at when I wrote them!). Click on one of the map ‘pins’ and you’ll get a pop-up summary of the post.

There’s also a map of image locations. When you click on a map pin here you get a thumbnail of the image and the date, title etc.

In each case there’s just a small sample set of data at the moment, but I’ll go back and georeference all the galleries in the Places section for starters, and make sure any new images have geo data where appropriate.

I love it, but what do you think?

Where in the world?

I have just launched a new experimental feature, a map showing all the locations for which I have made posts. You can find it, with just a sample set of data at the moment, at Where in the world?. I am now looking at ways of integrating this with data on image locations from the gallery, as well as looking at functional improvements to the map.

More soon….