Yellow Crab Spider

Yellow crab spider on field scabious

Yellow crab spider catching a bee on field scabious

It has been so drab over the last few days that I have had to trawl through this year’s archives to find an image of interest. Back in late May we stopped by the roadside near the town of Sancerre in France. Seeing a bee perched on a field scabious I thought I would take some macro shots. The bee seemed remarkably still, and then I realised it had actually been caught by a crab spider. The first in this series can be found here.

You can find out more about crab spiders, and particularly the one native British species, on the excellent Arkive site.

Some more pictures of insects (OK, I appreciate spiders are not strictly insects) can be found in my insects photo gallery.


  1. Apologies for the slightly poor image quality – it really doesn’t do the original justice. I am still sorting out my workflow and the way images are resized and uploaded into the image galleries, and it doesn’t seem quite right just yet. Must try harder….

  2. found a spider yesterday on some bluebells. know nothing about them, went on the net, found your site.interesting.have sent a photo that i took. hope you find it of interest.


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