Lots of lovely Canon F1 equipment for sale

Well, the enigmatic Zeus camera mentioned previously has been handed over to Royal Mail who should hopefully deliver it to its rightful owner by 1pm tomorrow.

/etcetera/cameras/eBay/f1servoeefinder/060119ebay074.jpgMeanwhile I’ve been busy listing a whole load of other auction purchases on eBay, the real highlights of which being some fabulous 30+ year old accessories for the Canon F1 (I am keeping the body for now – for some reason I felt loathed to part with such a gorgeous piece of kit!). If all goes to plan I expect that the Servo EE Finder, a device which gives this essentially all manual camera a shutter-priority mode, to go for upwards of a hundred quid. Likewise I am hopeful the Booster T Finder and Motor Drive Unit will fetch good money. Things are looking good, with more than a dozen ‘watchers’ so far and none of the auctions close until Sunday evening (UK time). Oddly it’s actually the battery case that powers these items that is the only one with any bids on it so far.

etcetera/cameras/eBay/kodak8mm/060119ebay045.jpgThere are also some more eclectic photography items listed, including some 40+ year-old 8mm cine film (one box still has all the original seals), and some instructions and a warranty card from items that I don’t even own!

Should anyone visit this page and feel like placing a bid, I’ll take off 5% from the final selling price if you mention this site before paying.


  1. Yikes, I am absolutely stunned! One person bought all four of the major Canon items for a total of about £370 plus postage. Add up the rest, and my investment of £82 has yielded well over £400, plus I am left with a really nice F1 body and 135mm lens, a great aluminium case, lots of filters, and a table clamp tripod. And it’s been fun!

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