Estate agents are liars

Recent experience in my comprehensive survey of Ealing’s estate agents provided conclusive proof, if any were needed, that all estate agents are liars. OK, so it was just one call, from the one that’s about third on the list of the Google search link above (extra clue – the first name is close to that of a brand of jam). But it’s not the first time I’ve had a run in with them.

Me: hello

Them: Oh, hello, I was just wondering if we could do a viewing on your house tomorrow at about 6.30pm

Me (Checks with better half): yeap, that should be OK

Them: Will you be in?

Me (smells a rat): errr, yes, should be

Them: hmmmm, we were just wondering if, errr, if, if it would be OK for you to show them round?

Me: I thought you made a special point in your advertising that you always accompany viewings?

Them: errr, we do, usually….

Me: So you always accompany people on viewings except when you don’t?

Them: I guess so

After making some snide comment about taking my commission I hung up, but of course I’ll be the model of professionalism when the prospective tennants come round tomorrow, unlike some.

In the traditions of every good rant there’s probably no more benefit to writing all that than to get it off my chest, but that’s it, done.

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