eBay bonanza!

Much to the annoyance of the Other Half, I seemed to spend every spare minute last week doing a mass listing on eBay. Having bought many more vintage photos at auction than I could possibly want (or afford), it was time for a clearout of the surplus stuff, the ones that came in big collections but will probably never see the light of day and can’t even justify the space in a cardboard box, let alone on a shelf!

The first batch,41 lots of various stereoviews are already online and will all finish on Sunday evening. I reckon I have to take about £5 per lot to be in profit (including paying for my time), but as the total is already over £100 it’s looking good. Next week will be a collection of illustrative postcards of Scottish scenes (Tuck’s Oilettes etc) which came with a few albums of photos I bought very cheaply, and then it will be selling off the least interesting bits of the magic lantern slide collection, which will be some hand-coloured illustrated ones, plus a commercial set of 40 slides of Norway.


  1. James, Rumour has it that you also have a fulltime job as a webmaster, but personally I doubt that. I like your ebay listings, which are very stylish, and do you know, I’ve started to watch the bids clocking up with a sort of voyeuristic pleasure. How sad, I should be listing not lurking! Anyhow, one question – do you include in your cost caluclations the many hours you spend researching the location of the slide or biog of the photographer??

  2. It’s Friday lunchtime, just over 2 days to go, and the combined total stands at £144. One item has 14 watchers, and I’ve got bids on just about everything. Looking promising 🙂 But a distatrous day yesterday means I’ll be really pushed to get all teh postcards listed for this week.

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