Cliff Richard, Druids, and the Archbishop of York

These may appear at first glance to be odd bedfellows, but they all seem to share the dubious honour of having received a letter from a Mr Morello, who I have just discovered is a near neighbour of mine.

What he does is not something I can easily explain, so just take a look at some of his letters to find out more! (the links to other letters are top-right on the page)

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  1. Hi James

    I’m Duncan McNair, author of The Morello Letters – Pen pal to the Stars.

    I’m pleased you liked the letters on my site This is my first book, and the respondents to the letters from Mr and Mrs Morello (and sometimes their 3 hopeless and hapless kids) have been very gratifying. Also I’m really delighted at the reviews the book has received, and it’s now been picked up by some huge circulation newspapers who love it. So it certainly sems to have legs into the New Year and beyond.

    I hope you’ll buy the book, and encourage other subterraneans to do so.

    Do let me know which letter you and they like most (and why?).

    I’ve now been asked to produce another book, probably for publication later this year.

    best wishes. NB Always leave a tethered goat or other noisy beast at the top of the cavern/pothole.


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