Dinosaurs and humans coexist in U.S. museum display

I do try not to delve into politics and religion, at least not in public, but I’ve just been reading about a place where dinosaurs and humans coexist in a museum display.

Now, if evolution had deemed to give humans feathers then I can assure you that mine would be seriously ruffled right now. I know that kids can go to Disneyworld and see talking mice and flying elephants, and hear stories of beauties who have slept for hundreds of years, only to be woken by a kiss from a charming handsome prince (why can’t they ever be ugly and grumpy, and be woken by a good slap?), but that’s all done in an environment where no-one, of any age, would perceive it as anything but make-believe.

I have a few ideas of interactive exhibits that they could try out, but I think I’d better stop now before I get myself into hot water. Instead I’ll leave that to the more than capable SFGate.com columnist Mark Morford, whose recent article I must give credit to for a) providing the link to this story, and b) giving me ten minutes of stimulation and provocation.

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