Shedcam – building a new summerhouse

This week sees a week off work building a summerhouse to replace the old shed. It’s a small garden (c. 10m x 5.5m) so the aim is to make it all rather more courtyard-like, with a small circular lawn in the middle.

To capture the ‘before, during, and after’ (and to prove to my wife that I’m busy!) I set up a webcam. Here’s the latest image (live c. 9am – 9pm):

Shedcam - live view (c. 8am - 9pm) of the summerhouse construction

I’ve been putting daily timelapse videos on Flickr. Here’s the latest:

You can see all previous days, plus some screen captures of the mock-up I did on Google Sketch-up – Shedcam – timelapse videos and static images on Flickr

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