Youngs “Kew Gold”

Kew Gold bottleWhat could possibly be described using the following:
– retro touch
– aroma of wet corn
– some fruit and hint of cardboard
– proper nettley green hop aroma
– Mellow wine gum citrus
– buttery dunked Malted Milk
– a hint of sting
– Some cereal on the nose
– a deep, irn-bruey gold
– biscuit malts, citrus and yeast
– resinous lemon towards the finish

Well, it could only be Youngs Kew Gold, the new beer to replace the much missed Kew Brew.

I had my first bottle of it in the Coach & Horses on Kew Green last week, and I must say it was quite pleasant drinking – certainly a good beer for a warm summers’ evening (which unfortunately it wasn’t at the time!).

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