Europeana plugins and embedding tools – test page

This post is a test page for various independently developed WordPress plugins that include Europeana driven functionality.

1. CHContext plugin

Sidebar results (see right) displayed based on the page tags (‘kitten’) using the CHContext plugin

2. DPLA & Europeana search plugin

Sidebar search box widgets (see right) created with DPLA & Europeana search plugin by José Fernández

3. EExcess WordPress plugin

Recommendations based on the phrase “art deco” sourced using the EExcess plugin (two using image format, one as simple citation link)

art deco

4. ImageSuite plugin

Image inserted with ImageSuite plugin

Photo Source

5. Europeana Attribution Tool

Attribution using the Europeana Attribution Tool
Europeana Food and Drink projectMade with Europeana

Still Life with Flowers and Fruit

Creator: Sande Bakhuyzen, Gerardina Jacoba van de

Provider: Rijksmuseum



Search, discover and get flexible embed code for images from

6a. Zoomable image embedded via an iframe from


6b. Custom sized static image cropped from the above image (using the IIIF standard) and delivered as an html snippet complete with attribution. In this example the image url is,1398,507,617/400,487/0/native.jpg

Detail of ‘Brunet, Rôle de Mr. P??PIN dans Romainville, Vaudeville grivois’ | creator unknown | Museon | Some rights reserved.


Embed code using image with caption option from

Source: Norsk Folkemuseum on Europeana

8. Europeana search widget

Customisable search widget (now deprecated) – more info at

9. LRE collection from European Schoolnet

Made from data harvested from Europeana


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