London Cycle Hire open data screengrab

London Cycle Hire Stats

Possibly my first use of open data, The London Cycle Hire Stats site from 2013 represents an analysis and visualisation of London Cycle Hire (‘Boris Bikes’) usage from October 2011 to Early February 2013.  By using a cycle routing API was was able to calculate the approximate route and therefore distance for each A to B permutation between docking stations, and therefore calculate total distances. Headline stats included:

  • 9,219 bikes travelled 17,672,907 miles. That’s an average of 1,917 miles per bike
  • There were 11,374,104 rides. That’s 23,165 rides per day, and an average of 35,994 miles ridden per day
  • There were 248,592 unique routes, with a good number of rides of over 10 miles
  • Riders leaving the busiest docking station, Belgrove Street, King’s Cross, clocked up over 218,392 miles

The site gives multiple views of the data, by route, by location, and by bike, and also presents analysis over time, of year on year comparisons, and correlation with rainfall data.

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