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Testing the Europeana Search Widget

Disclaimer: I work for Europeana. But this is still great and I would have blogged about it anyway!

I was prompted by a new blog post from my former Kew colleague Anna Saltmarsh – Plants to pixels: enhancing access to Kew’s herbarium collections – to have a closer look at the Europeana search widget. It can deliver targeted search results directly on external pages – everything from private blogs to institutional data provider websites. There’s a really handy wizard that lets you create your own widget, with different themes and styles to suit most needs. Crusially though you can also tap into the power of the Europeana API to control what is displayed and what your users can then search for.

Here’s an example of the code that allows you to quickly and easily search Kew’s content, in this case looking for palms:

<script type="text/javascript" src="{Royal+Botanic+Gardens%2C+Kew}&withResults=true&theme=dark&v=2"></script>

And a live example, looking at user-contributed content to the Europeana 1914-18 project:

New Powerhouse Museum WordPress plugin launched

Seb Chan and the team at Powerhouse Museum in Sydney certainly likes to make sure they stay one step ahead of everyone else in the museums sector, and they’ve proved it once again with the launch of a custom WordPress plugin that interfaces with their collections information through the API (which, of course, they have had up and running for ages).

Here’s a little test.

[phm-grid cols=4 rows=5 v_space=3 h_space=3 thumb_width=125 thumb_height=125 random=true parameters=”title:rain”]