Custom Google Analytics Alerts as sent to Slack

Google Analytics Custom Alerts

A simple, easily configured tool that can monitor page views on your website (e.g. for online collections objects, blog posts, or even shop items) and immediately notify you of unusual spikes in traffic.

Most organisation monitor their web stats but usually this is a retrospective process and interesting events are only spotted long after they have been and gone. This tool was developed not only to log such events, but to allow almost realtime notification.  This allows you to react promptly, for example with editorial changes or to go back to the source (e.g. social media, Reddit, blog posts), see the context and what is being said, and possibly contribute to the conversation or simply say thanks.


  • Configure specific areas of a website to monitor
  • Set a threshold for the increase in page views at which alerts will be sent
  • Automatically update and monitor stats every hour and send any alerts
  • Alerts are sent via email and/or Slack
  • Each alert details the page, the increase in views, and (where available) the source of the traffic
  • Simple installation – takes no more than 15 minutes to configure

Documentation and installation instructions

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  1. Have you guys tried They are doing automated anomaly detection (alerts) for all Google Analytics metrics and I never need to set them up manually I just grant permissions and its all done for me… Wanted to share and see what you guys thought about it.

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